You are always our top priority

In Iran you are best seen

Service, after service

Five-year back-up of all the details of your project

Creating value content

Maintain creativity and quality, along with cost optimization

Branding consulting in Iran

Designing visual brand identity in Iran

Film and teaser production in Iran

Industrial and Advertising Photography in Iran

Graphic animation in Iran

با محتوای خلاق در شبکه های اجتماعی ..

The solution for all your brand communication and advertising in persian in Iran

تیم دارکتن

Quality, creativity and teamwork is our goal to optimize project time and cost

Art Director

Industrial and advertising photographer

Mohammad Saleh Salehian

Guiding Darketen's art team with me to achieve a unified, creative and purposeful identity

Senior Graphic Designer

Customer Relationship Manager

Melika Motallebi

Implement brand design campaigns and brand identity according to a specialized guide and also connect with Darketen Group's clients

استراتژیست ارتباطات و تبلیغات

و برنامه ریزی رسانه ای

Majid Rabetian

I'm writing your brand story

Graphic Designer

User Interface Designer

Hamed Shahbazkhan

The layout and design of the website and app interface with Darketen Group is with me

SEO and Performance Marketer Optimizer

Mohammad Sajad Erfani

SEO and Performance Planning Your site is in charge of Darketen Group.

Photographer and representative in Yazd province

Ghaffar Goldansaz

Customer Relationship and Support from Darketen Group in Yazd Province.
Some of our customers in Iran

اعتماد و همکاری با بیش از 150 برند، شرکت و سازمان معتبر و انجام بیش از 650 پروژه موفق

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